Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Slow Food

How long, Lord, how long?  Psalm 6:3

Dinner was late.  I thought I had started early enough, but it was 7:00pm when we finally sat down at the table together.  I should mention that this is the kids’ bedtime.  After writing about hunger all day, I hadn’t planned on making my children experience it too.  Who knew that fried shrimp would take so long?  I should mention that I was also busy burning the dessert.  It wasn’t my most successful meal.

In spite of its slightly troubling name, the shrimp was really good.  We ate it again for lunch today wrapped in a flour tortilla with lettuce, sour cream and spicy mustard.  I suppose anything can be redeemed.

We are walking through Holy Week.  Many things happen this week in scripture.  In the time between the triumphant arrival in Jerusalem and his arrest, Jesus weeps over the holy city, cleanses the temple, speaks to his disciples about his death only to be misunderstood.  The Gospel of John even says that many believed in him who would not profess it openly for fear of the religious leaders.  Jesus denounces the Scribes, predicts the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem, and does in an innocent fig tree.  These are dangerous times.

I wonder if the disciples were irritable and edgy in the excitement of these few days.  They knew something momentous was about to happen, though they were far from understanding what.  Were they bumping into each other, trying to figure out the appropriate way to behave when you are hanging with the future king?

I would love to spend this week in somber meditation on the weighty events of these few days.  But I find myself too often having to put down my Bible and end my prayers in order to splash hot oil around and burn cookies.  The sublime gives way to the ridiculous very easily in this household.

Still, I have to remember that Jesus died for even this:  for my son, who won’t come to dinner because Thomas the Tank Engine is on.  For my daughter who insists on watering the tomatoes within an inch of their lives.  Even for me as I try to blog my way into making sense of it all.  I am grateful for the message of Holy Week, of Good Friday, of Easter:  that even at our most absurd and comical, we are a people who can be redeemed.

May your eating be blessed!

“Slap Yo’ Mama Fried Shrimp”
Peel and devein approximately 2-3 lbs of medium shrimp.  Sprinkle with “Tony Cachere’s creole seasoning.
2 beaten eggs with enough milk to cover peeled shrimp.  (I add “some” Tony Chachere’s seasoning to this.)  Let this set in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes – up to 8 hours as long as it is kept cold.
*Remove the shrimp by “handfuls” (let the egg mixture drip off).  Dredge in a mixture of flour and Tony Chachere’s seasoning.  Dust off excess flour.  Fry in approximately 1 ½” oil on med high to high heat.  DO NOT OVERCOOK!  Ass soon a brown remove to colander.  Let drain and place on paper towel.
                *Remember!  When you START frying, have all shrimp dredged in flour and do not try to do anything else – this will go very fast.  If you get distracted you will overcook the shrimp.  The secret to good fried shrimp – Do not overcook! – Ann Bass

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